Concealed Carry Permit Class

Obtain your Florida Concealed Weapon / Firearm License

This 4-hour concealed carry permit class meets the requirements necessary for students to obtain their Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License. It consists primarily of classroom lecture that covers license protocols, general do’s and don’ts, legal issues, use-of-force laws, basic firearm safety and a review of basic marksmanship.

The class concludes with a live-fire exercise where students demonstrate safe shooting skills. Students are provided with firearms, ammunition, targets, ear and eye protection, with certificates issued upon successful completion. Students can choose from a variety of firearms to qualify, such as .22lr, .38 special revolver, 9mm, and .45 auto.

What separates this concealed carry permit class from other classes is that your instructor, Ken Afienko, is an attorney that represents police officers involved in shootings. He, himself, is also a police officer that has been active since 1981 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the class. And, because he is a licensed attorney, he can answer legal questions unlike other concealed weapons instructors. Ken also is a Florida certified law enforcement firearms instructor.

The location of the class is the St.Petersburg College Allstate Campus where police officers learn to shoot and do their firearms training. The range is state-of-the-art and has the latest ventilation systems in place for a much cleaner experience.

Class Topics

Firearm Safety and Handling

Concealed Weapon / Firearm Laws

Use-Of-Force Laws

Loading / Unloading Firearms

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St Petersburg College Allstate Center

Concealed Carry Range Portion
Conceal Carry Live Fire Conceal Carry Live Fire Conceal Carry Range Conceal Carry Classroom

Critical Incident Seminars

“Before and After the Smoke Clears”

Comprehensive training on use of force situations

Critical Incident Seminars was founded by Kenneth J. Afienko, Esq. to provide information to law-abiding citizens should they ever need to use force to defend themselves or their families. The four-hour seminar, “Before and After the Smoke Clears,” offers comprehensive information on what do to both before and after using force in a lawful self-defense incident.

Seminar Topics

Gun Owners Responsibility

Florida Statutes Related to Use of Force

Incident Scene Preservation

Reporting to Law Enforcement

Statements to Law Enforcement

Do’s and Don’ts of Firearms Modification

Choice of Ammunition

Examination of Current Florida Case Law

Scenario-based decision-making
(Shoot-Don’t Shoot Simulator)

Watch Us In Action

Florida Firearms Academy

About Your Instructor

Established Lawyer

Practicing law for over 20 years in the Tampa Bay area. Graduated from Stetson University College of Law.

College Professor

St.Petersburg College professor teaching in the Public Safety Administration program as well as teaching legal to all police academy recruits.

Police Officer

Police officer in Pinellas County since 1981 and still serves to this day as a reserve police officer with a local police department.

FOP Lawyer

Current General Counsel for the Pinellas County Fraternal Order of Police, who has represented numerous police officers involved in use of force cases to include the use of deadly force.

Concealed Carry Permit Class FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our concealed carry permit classes.

A: Yes, although there are several places offering concealed weapons/firearms courses, I know of none is this area that has an experienced attorney that has multiple firearms certifications teaching the classroom portion of the course. This separates my course from all others because I am allowed to answer all your legal questions, unlike other courses that refer you to the statutes to figure it out on your own. As a Fraternal Order of Police attorney, I have represented well over 100 police officers involved in shootings and I bring that experience to the classroom.

State of Florida FAQ Regarding Your Permit


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